Authentic, bold & exciting moments

for laid back couples that embrace being themselves.

Most wedding photographs are boring, but they don’t have to be.

Your wedding photographs should be filled with the laughter, smiles, and real emotions of the day. You know, the kind of stuff that takes you back into the wedding day. My photography style is different – I focus on active, authentic interaction and powerful storytelling. I will be with you, making you laugh when you need it and telling your story as its happening.

This is officially the time to be yourselves, embrace the laughs and chase the sunset.
I’ll be there to catch every laugh, every smile, and all the moments you want to relive over and over.

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Hi, I’m Roy the photographer.

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Your story is unique and you deserve the best photographer fit to tell your story.

I only work with about thirty (30) couples per year, so I don’t take every wedding I am approached to photograph. The couples I do work with share in my brand value.

They are obsessed with each other, laid back, and ready to celebrate in their own way.

I can’t wait to hear more about you and your story. Fill out the contact form and I will be in touch basically as soon as humanly possible.

219.405.0385 | info@royserafin.com

I’m based out of Tampa Florida, but travel is a part of my brand. I often photograph in locations I have never been to, and thats part of the fun.

I’m often asked why I shoot weddings and the answer is simple: Wedding photography allows me to story tell in a way that matters while pushing my creativity every step of the way.

Tampa Florida Wedding Planning Resources

Planning a wedding is tough, especially considering its typically your first time planning a wedding. You can read about first looks, different timelines, engagement sessions and more all take a little bit of planning. The thing is, you don’t have to do it all alone. I have worked over 100 weddings and I want to give you the inside scoop. I cover the everything from timelines to tips for getting the absolute best photographs of your day.

The Best Florida Wedding Venues


I am originally from Northwest Indiana, which gives a unique sense of gratitude to be a Florida wedding photographer. I have had the opportunity to visit all corners of the US and specifically felt most at home in Florida. From the sunny beaches of south Florida to all the thrills in central Florida and both coasts, I am always amazed at the incredible wedding venues we have available to use. From repurposed factories, beachside hotels, giant mansions and the largest theme parks in the country there is literally a little bit of everything for every style to choose from.

Destination wedding in Las Vegas


Anywhere in the world.

Maybe the wedding in your hometown or even home country just doesn’t speak to you. Nothing wrong with that, destination weddings are for you! What if you don’t know anyone who’s tied the knot in your destination of choice to recommend a photographer? You have two options: Hire a photographer from your destination or find a closer-to-home destination photographer willing to travel. Either works, but the latter allows you to really connect with your photographer, which will ultimately put you at ease on the big day. As a destination wedding photographer – even for engagement sessions – I am traveling all over fairly frequently. With that said I have some tips & tricks for traveling and I’m able to think on the fly and find solutions for you if things go wrong—because when travel is involved, things can change fast.

Wedding at the brick south bend
arizona elopement at lost dutchman state park


You can rely on me to capture the awe-inspiring and fiercely authentic moments between you and your partner, without sacrificing the experience of your wedding day. I will tell your story through bold and exciting photography filled with raw emotion and bring your memories back home to you. When I am your photographer, all you need to do is be yourselves.