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for laid back couples that embrace being themselves.

Most wedding photographs are boring, but they don’t have to be.

Your wedding photographs should be filled with the laughter, smiles, and real emotions of the day. You know, the kind of stuff that takes you back into the wedding day.

My photography style is different – I focus on active, authentic interaction and powerful storytelling. I will be with you, making you laugh when you need it and telling your story as its happening.

This is officially the time to be yourselves, embrace the laughs and chase the sunset.
I’ll be there to catch every laugh, every smile, and all the moments you want to relive over and over.

A little about me.

The music is playing, people are dancing, the hotel pool is reflecting the dj’s lights. Mike grabs Jessica’s hand and they both run full force towards the pool and jump. Everyone is shocked, and silence fills the air. Then as they surface, the guests erupt in applause. They were married, and did everything exactly the way they wanted to.

Story’s like that are what drive me – the ones where two people break free and live in the moment. Each couple has a story and its this unique and beautiful thing just for them. For a brief period in their lives I get to use photography to give those important moments back to them.

As a wedding photographer in Tampa, my goal is to document authentic emotion and create something you can have that is thoroughly you. For me, there isn’t any better feeling on earth than delivering that back to people.

When I am your wedding photographer, you will not have to worry about your photographs. You can be yourselves, embrace your interests, and celebrate your partner.

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You deserve the best photographer fit to tell your story.

That means the person that makes you feel the most comfortable, understands what is important to you, has a style of photography you love, and is capable of delivering wonder and awe without sacrificing the experience of the wedding day. This person is going to be with you and your closest friends all day on one of the best days of your life, keep that in mind.

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As a wedding photographer in Tampa, I’m committed to doing my best to improving the wedding industry as well as each and every couple’s experience as plan their wedding day! So, I regularly post content created to do just that!

Thanks for reading! Check back often for more tips from your friendly local neighborhood Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer.

Featured Tampa Bay Wedding Venues

From a Tampa Wedding Photographer

Tampa Bay hashundreds of wedding venues created to fit any style or budget, below are a few selected favorites of mine. It is important to note that as a professional wedding photographer in Tampa I made sure to only recommend the venues that will truly cater to your every need and provide an incredible background for your wedding day. Personally i prefer industrial wedding venues , modern wedding venues, and luxury wedding venues because I feel that the look and style of these locations will best fit my style of photography. It is equally important that these selected venues have locations that will work as a one stop spot for ceremonies, receptions and portraits or are at least within a close radius of those places. Below you will find my three favorite Tampa wedding venues and a curated list of what I consider the best 8 venues in Tampa.

 Photo of the entrance to the downtown Tampa wedding venue le Meridien.

Le Meridien is a historic wedding venue in Tampa that has repurposed a courthouse to create a modern space for weddings.

The front of Armature works wedding venue in Tampa right off of the Tampa Riverwalk.

Armature Works is an industrial wedding venue in Tampa Heights located off the Hillsborough River in Tampa.

A photo of the bar at the JW Marriott Tampa Water Street  a luxury hotel wedding venue in downtown Tampa.

The JW Marriott Tampa Water Street is Tampa’s newest and largest luxury wedding venue.

I’ve been a lot of places, and you might be wondering why I became a Tampa wedding photographer instead of anywhere else. To be entirely honest it because I firmly that Tampa is one of the best places in the world to get married in. My family has a history of living in and owning homes in St. Petersburg and I wanted to continue that legacy. I chose to be a Tampa Florida wedding photographer because there are few places in the country like it. Tampa is a place where any day of the week I could take my couples to St. Pete Beach for sunset engagement sessions, or a day of rollercoasters like SheiKra or Montu at Busch Gardens, or even the epic Tampa Museum of Art with views of the river and Tampa University. Those are fun and exciting places to get to photograph people.I would not consider myself a foodie, but it is hard to ignore the local food options like Bern’s Steak House, M.Bird and The Canopy At The Birchwood. All considered, one one my top reasons for moving to Tampa was because the wedding venues are incredible. Some of my favorite wedding venues in Tampa include: The Oxford Exchange, Armature Works, The Pavilion at Mixon Farms, Powel Crosley Estate, and the new J.W. Marriott downtown. So hopefully that gives a little idea of why i absolutely love being a Tampa wedding Photographer.

Wedding at the brick south bend
arizona elopement at lost dutchman state park


You can rely on me to capture the awe-inspiring and fiercely authentic moments between you and your partner, without sacrificing the experience of your wedding day. I will tell your story through bold and exciting photography filled with raw emotion and bring your memories back home to you. When I am your photographer, all you need to do is be yourselves.

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