An Epcot Wedding in the Morocco Pavilion.
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As Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Imagine having your wedding in Epcot, surrounded by 11 different countries and the magic only Disney can offer. Epcot isn’t just one of Walt’s most ambitious ideas; it’s a dreamy wedding destination for those with a love for travel and Disney magic. Dive into this guide to discover the options to create your perfect Epcot wedding and the most photographic spots within the park to say “I do.”

All of the photographs in the article were taken by Orlando wedding photographer, Roy Serafin.

Where in Epcot can you get married?

Epcot has a ton of great photo spots but your wedding ceremony can only happen in a few places around the park. The location of your ceremony and reception will affect your overall pricing, and you can find more affordable venues outside of Epcot at the resorts. 

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Don’t worry about awkward poses or feeling weird in front of a camera.
No pressure in the moment photography for laid back couples.

Each location has a ceremony venue fee & an event minimum expenditure. The Event Minimum Expenditure is the minimum amount you must spend with Disney in order to have a wedding or vow renewal, before tax and service charge. The cost of your Epcot wedding will be determined by three factors: ceremony location, day of the week, and time of day. 

You must book your wedding through Disney at

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth ceremony site for Epcot Weddings

Spaceship Earth, Epcot’s iconic geodesic sphere, offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for weddings. Couples can get married beneath this monumental structure, symbolizing the continuous narrative of human history and progress. 

Unrelated note: My dad has referred to this as “the ball” my entire life, and it is my favorite unique structure in Epcot. (Guardians is my favorite ride though)

Ceremony Venue Fee: $9,500
Event Minimum Expenditure

  • Monday to Thursday: $20,000
  • Friday to Sunday: $25,000

Future World

Future World in Epcot provides a futuristic and innovative backdrop for weddings. Couples can exchange vows amidst groundbreaking attractions that celebrate human ingenuity and the wonders of the cosmos.

Ceremony Venue Fees: $7,500
Event Minimum Expenditure

  • Monday to Thursday: $18,000
  • Friday to Sunday: $20,000
Living Seas Salon
A wedding reception set up in the Living Seas Salon at Epcot

Nestled within Epcot’s aquatic wonder, the Living Seas Salon offers an intimate and enchanting venue, surrounded by the majesty of marine life, perfect for couples seeking a serene underwater ambiance without getting wet.

GM Lounge

The GM Lounge offers an elegant retreat high above Epcot, showcasing cutting-edge design in harmony with the park’s innovative spirit.  GM Lounge holds 100 guests.

Imagination Lounge

A fusion of creativity and comfort, the Imagination Lounge celebrates Epcot’s legacy of exploration and wonder, making it a haven for dreamers and thinkers alike.

The Oddysee

Strategically positioned at the heart of Epcot, The Odyssey offers expansive views of the park, melding classic architectural elements with the ever-evolving dynamism of the park.

World Showcase

World Showcase at Epcot offers a romantic journey across eleven global destinations, making it a dream venue for couples seeking a worldly wedding backdrop. Each pavilion provides a unique cultural setting and architecture based on specific countries. 

Canada Pavilion

Representing the Great White North with its majestic Rockies, totem poles, beautiful gardens, and an immersive film capturing the country’s vast landscapes.  Canada Terrace holds 60 guests and can be used for receptions as well.

United Kingdom Pavilion

Cobbled streets lead past Tudor-style architecture to traditional British pubs, gardens, and shops selling teas, biscuits, and other UK favorites.

United Kingdom Courtyard

A quaint enclave that echoes the charm of a traditional British garden square, adorned with cobblestones and bordered by classic English architecture. United Kingdom Courtyard holds 48 guests.

United Kingdom Lochside

Resting by the serene waters, this spot offers a view reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, creating a peaceful retreat within Epcot.

France Pavilion

The France Pavillion in Epcot At Night

Embracing the allure of Paris with its charming streets, the Eiffel Tower in the distance, gourmet cuisine, and the recent  “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure” attraction.

Terrace Des Fleurs

A scenic French-inspired terrace overlooking the shimmering lagoon, surrounded by a riot of colorful blooms and the gentle scents of blossoming flowers. Terrace des Fleurs holds 200 guests.

Place de Rémy

Hidden in the heart of Epcot’s France, this area celebrates the culinary world of Remy, with the ambiance of a bustling Parisian square. Place de Rémy holds 50 guests.

Morocco Pavilion

A couple kissing during thier ceremony at Morocco in Epcot.

A genuine representation of North African culture with its detailed mosaics, bustling marketplaces, and traditional Moroccan dishes. The Morocco Pavilion holds 120 guests.

Fez House
A geoom in his wedding attire at Fex House in Epcot

Capturing the essence of Moroccan architecture and design, Fez House transports guests to the ancient streets of this North African gem.

Japan Pavilion

The Horyuji Temple replica at night in the Japan Pavillion at Epcot

From its peaceful gardens and Koi ponds to its tiered pagoda and traditional tea ceremony, experience the essence of Japanese culture, arts, and cuisine.

Japan Courtyard

The Japan courtyard in Epcot at night.

An elegant space inspired by traditional Japanese gardens, featuring serene koi ponds, stone lanterns, and the timeless beauty of Japanese aesthetics.  Japan Courtyard holds 50 guests (up to 150 with obstructed views.) 

American Adventure Pavilion

The American Adventure Pavillion in Epcot.

Standing tall with Georgian architecture, this pavilion showcases the nation’s journey through a mix of animatronics, film, and music. 

American Adventure Rotunda

Grand and majestic, the Rotunda stands as a testament to America’s storied past, with its colonial design and artistry. American Adventure Rotunda holds 150 guests, this space can also be used for receptions. 

Italy Pavilion

Italy Plaza in Epcot at Night Time.

Modeled after Venice’s St. Mark’s Square, experience Italy’s Renaissance architecture, enjoy delicious Italian cuisine, and shop for Venetian masks and fine leather goods.

Italy Isola

An intimate island setting amidst the waters of the lagoon, offering panoramic views and the romantic allure of Venetian landscapes.  Italy Isola holds 48 guests.

Italy Plaza
Italy Plazy at night in the Italy Pavillion in Epcot.

A bustling piazza that evokes the heart of Rome, with its fountains, statues, and the warmth of Italian architecture.  Italy Plaza holds 150 guests &  Italy West Plaza holds 48 guests

Germany Pavilion

The Germany pavillion lit up at night in the epcot pavillion

Embodying the spirit of Bavaria, this pavilion boasts timbered homes, cobblestone streets, and traditional German eateries offering bratwurst, pretzels, and beer.

Germany Courtyard

Celebrating the festive spirit of Bavaria, this courtyard is adorned with timber-framed buildings, fairy tale details, and the sounds of traditional German music.  Germany Courtyard holds 50 guests.

China Pavilion

Fireworks outside of the China Pavillion in Epcot

Wander through the serene gardens, marvel at the replica of the Temple of Heaven, and take a panoramic trip across China’s majestic landscapes through a 360-degree film.

China Courtyard
The China Courtyard in Epcot at Night

A peaceful space inspired by the ancient dynasties, the courtyard is replete with intricate designs, red lanterns, and the beauty of Chinese artistry.  China Courtyard holds 60 guests.

Great Hall of China

A grand representation of China’s imperial past, this hall showcases magnificent architecture and displays celebrating millennia of history.  This venue can be used for receptions as well. 

Norway Pavilion

A fusion of myth and reality awaits, from the historic Nordic architecture to the magical “Frozen Ever After” ride, celebrating the popular Disney tale.

Norway Loft

An elevated space overlooking the Norwegian landscape, combining modern design with elements reminiscent of ancient Nordic traditions.

Mexico Pavilion

Step inside a Mesoamerican pyramid to explore a lively marketplace, enjoy Mariachi music, and embark on a journey through the history of Mexico on the Gran Fiesta Tour.  The Mexico Vista holds 100 guests.

Epcot Wedding FAQ

What is the average cost of a Disney wedding?

Currently, the average cost of a Disney wedding is around $30,000. Weddings begin at $15,000 but can go as high as over $100,000. 

Prices change often and it will depend on if you bring any outside vendors. It’s best to check with the team at 

How far in advance should you plan a Disney wedding?

12 or 16 months is the earliest you can book with Disney Weddings.

If you are having a full reception, contact Disney at to start the planning process up to 16 months before the month you’ve chosen for your wedding. Disney is not able to begin working with couples who are not having a full reception of three or more hours until 12 months out.

What time are Epcot weddings?

Epcot wedding ceremonies must be done before the park opens or after it closes. Most of the year Epcot opens at 10 am and closes between 9-10 pm with some days going later.

Do guests have to buy park tickets to attend a Disney Wedding?

No, you will be required to set up transportation from a Disney hotel which will take your guests backstage and into your ceremony or reception space.

Is wedding photography included in an Epcot wedding package?

It can be! You can choose to work with Disney Fine Art Photography as part of your package. One thing to note is that Disney Fine Art Photography assigns photographers to each event or portrait session based on availability. You may request one or more specific photographers, but Disney cannot guarantee you will get any of them. This leads to many couples choosing to bring in someone of their choosing. 

Can you have a non-Disney photographer at your Epcot wedding?

Yes, you can bring in your own photographer! Disney requires a media guide for outside photographers and videographers which is $190 per team. So if you have outside photography and videography you’ll have to pay $380 in addition to whatever those vendors charge you.

Please note: Non-Disney photographers cannot be hired for weddings or sessions inside of the Magic Kingdom.

Ps – I am one of those outside photographers you can hire. Reach out here.

Reach out for Photography

(a.k.a. Ask my Rates & Availability).

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