WELCOME stranger.

Nice to meet you! I’m Roy.

As your wedding photographer, you can expect me to be your:

Calm problem solver.
Life is spontaneous, I’m here to help you roll with the changes.

Master of the timeline.
I’ll create a timeline that has enough time for the moments you care about.

Location locater.
I’ll find amazing locations for photographs much better than the way I worded this.

Volunteer comedian.
Ive got jokes for days, you get to decide if they’re any good.

Your personal storyteller.
Authentic emotion, real smiles, and the peace of knowing you don’t have to worry about your photographs

Before we do that, let’s talk about how I became a wedding photographer.

8 years and many Tylenol ago…

Sadly, this story begins in Chicago over 8 years ago – but don’t get too sad. Eventually, I left Chicago! at the time, I was one of the city’s youngest art directors at 21 years old.



I actually picked up a camera just to teach myself how to effectively communicate to photographers we hired for projects. That camera in my hand slowly became my addiction. I spent over two years going into Chicago every night and day off to learn from every photographer I could meet.



Two things happen when you get into photography: First, you spend an unholy amount of money at Best Buy. Then people ask you: “Do you do weddings?” and “Do you do boudoir?”

For those of you wondering, I still don’t do boudior.

Eventually, you do a wedding, and realize you know nothing. My first wedding was free, and I still think that was too much. (Everyone had orange skintones? Gee, Thanks Nikon. )

This photo is not from my first wedding, because showing you my worst work is counterintuitive.



At my third or fourth wedding, the bride, Ashley, called me in tears. The kind of tears where I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I am your typical guy so I thought: “F***, this is my fault.”

Turns out, I was right. A few minutes go by and she’s finally able to communicate. I’ve got no idea to this day why Ashley didn’t wait to make the phone call but I’m so glad she didn’t.

I quit my art director job that day and have never looked back.

Also not Ashley or my first wedding.

I had no idea my husband looked at me like that when I wasn’t looking at him.

– Ashley, circa 2016

And after over 200 weddings, I still love the job.

Ready to talk?

you want to know more? Fine.

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