The Wedding Experience

what I do differently

I want to start this out by very simply saying, this is not me telling you I’m the best wedding photographer in Tampa. A good rule of thumb in life is that if someone has to tell you they are the best, they are probably not the best. However, there are couples I am best fit to serve. If you’ve made it to this point either you have a lot of time on your hands or you’re probably one of those couples!

Your experience comes first.

That means above all else, I want you to be enjoying yourselves. I will keep you laughing, make you feel comfortable in front of my camera, and problem solve for you as needed. When I am your photographer, you will not have to worry about your photographs.

I will treat your wedding day with the same love and care as I would my own.

These moments are once in a lifetime, so they’re treated that way.

Wedding photography is so much more than photographs, it’s connection.

I will spend time with you and learn what you love about each other, what your story is, what you’re looking forward most into your wedding day and find out why. The photographs you’ll receive back will take all of this into account.

There is absolutely no judgement.

Literally, you are free and expected to be the true versions of yourselves. I don’t care if you both want to jump into a pool at the end of the wedding day, wear a black wedding dress, or have your tattoos showing. Its your day, and you should be free!

brand values:

Authentic Storytelling
Intentional Artwork
Real Memories.

The Next Steps

step one

Reach Out

You value authentic emotion and having fun, you’ve learned a little about me, and you’re a fan of my images. In short, you are picking up what I’m putting down. Head on over to my contact page, fill out my form and I’ll be in touch as soon as humanly possible.

step two

The Consultation

We’ll meet in person or over video and deep dive into the thing you’re most looking forward to, what you love about each other, and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Once we’ve built out a custom package for your wedding day and you’re ready to make it official – We’ll celebrate! Then you’ll sign a digital contract and pay the non-refundable retainer to reserve your date.

step three

Engagement Session

The engagement session is something you should both look forward to. It’s a casual guided experience that feels like a date you have always wanted to go on.

I’ll help you with outfit choices, talk over locations, and use this time to get you used to my posing style and prompts. You’ll leave feeling closer to each other. This will feel like a breathe of fresh air and relaxation in the middle of planning.

step four

Planning for the Best Photographs

Without plans weddings are stress but with careful planning and consideration of the things you value as a couple, the day feels easier and more free. The timeline will be custom to you, but will also take humanity into account. In other words, you’ll have enough time built into the day to reduce stress and account for things to go off schedule a bit here and there.

Just a few months before the wedding day, I’ll send you a questionnaire asking you for family groupings, vendor details, and about any special things you have planned. I’ll follow up with a phone call to catch up and review the flow of the day.

step five

The Wedding Day

The day is here, you’ve been planning and prepping for months. We’ve created a timeline that has an emphasis on the things you value. Today will be filled with laughs and experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The goal is to create natural looking relaxed images filled with authentic emotion. We’ll laugh together, and end the day with champagne.

step six

The Reveal Session

Ten weeks later, all your images will be color-graded and retouched. We will meet in person or over zoom to finalize the custom design of your wedding album and order it to be delivered directly to your door.

A hundred years from now when technology has changed, the prints and museum-grade heirloom album will still be around for everyone to see your story.


Not every wedding day has the same needs, but each couple I work with has a package with a minimum of:
6 hours of photography coverage.
Every delivered photograph is color graded & retouched.
Full unrestricted printing rights & digital copies.

A museum-grade heirloom wedding album to preserve your story for the next 100 years.

full day coverage begins at $4400
once in a lifetime

Authentic storytelling
through real moments.

If anything below sounds like it is about you, I could be your photographer.

While I would love to be the photographer for every couple, I can’t be everyone’s wedding photographer. This is pretty generalized, but the couples I connect with the most are:

  • Committed to and obsessed with each other
  • Super friendly & laid back
  • Focused on caring for others
  • Love my photographs – the edit style, the funny group photos, and the focus on the authentic.
  • Usually have a few movie/tv references up their sleeves
  • Value having prints & heirloom albums (stuff you pass down)
  • Frequent travelers for work or for fun
  • Typically funny in some way or another

My best photographs are created because of the relationship I form with those couples. Authentic emotion and natural looking photographs are only made possible by truly understanding how you value each other and what you look forward to most.

If you read any of this and really connected to it, reach out now and I’ll be with you within 48 hours!

Prints matter.

Your photographs are meant to be loved, preserved, experienced and passed on; photographs should be in more places than a hard drive, social feed or mysterious internet cloud. With that in mind I design museum-grade wedding albums, print on archival papers, and provide fine art wall collections for every couple.

Preferred Vendors

The wedding of your dreams is not all produced by great photographs. These vendors have been carefully vetted and recognized within the industry as some of the best of the best to produce incredible experiences.

If you’l like help picking vendors, having your memories captured and to feel free to be in the moment at your wedding, please click below.

Wedding at the brick south bend
arizona elopement at lost dutchman state park


Roy Serafin is a Tampa wedding photographers specializing in candid wedding photography as well as cinematic natural feeling posed wedding photography. As a wedding photographer in Tampa FL, Roy is very familiar with both Tampa wedding venues and and Sarasota wedding venues. If your wedding happens to be anywhere else in the world, destination wedding options are available to you. Roy would be more than happy to speak with you about wedding photography in Florida and have been labeled by reviewers as one of the top Wedding Photographers in Tampa Fl. 

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