Be in the moment – without worry.

Does this Sound like you?

While I would love to be the photographer for every couple, I can’t be everyone’s wedding photographer.

This is pretty generalized, but the couples I connect with the most are:

  • Obsessed with each other
  • Super friendly & laid back
  • Focused on caring for others
  • Frequent moviegoers
  • Love pop-culture references
  • Time is their love language
  • Value experiences more than things
  • Love Youtube
  • Love high contrast photos
  • Travel the world
  • Love the pop-punk classics

Stress-free, real storytelling.

At a minimum, every wedding includes:

Images to be color-graded, perfected, and made available for you easily.
An online gallery & wall art store to share with friends & family.
Cinematic unique photography of the things, people, and moments important to you.
Vendor recommendations so you can avoid headaches.
Location recommendations & timeline planning to reduce stress.
Peace of mind in front of the camera, there’s no pressure on you.

No travel fees in the State of Florida.

Most of all you can expect me to take the time and care to treat your story like the once-in-a-lifetime moment it is.


Starting at $3900

Your story matters, you matter.


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