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candid, intentional, & authentic memories

Story-telling photographs filled with candid & authentic moments for laid-back couples.

Your once-in-a-lifetime moments are safe with me.

You’re only engaged for the first time once, and it goes by fast.

I know, that’s obvious but it’s also true and as an Orlando engagement photographer I know how important that is.

Engagement photographs should be unique to you, doing the things you love to do together.

You won’t think about feeling awkward in front of a camera, you’ll forget it’s there.

It’ll be the best date night you’ve had in a while and you’ll focus on being in the moment with each other.

So be you, be in the moment and take a break from all the planning to just be engaged for a moment.

In ten years you will thank yourself for it.

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My name is Roy and I’ll be your engagement photographer.

I’ve been a wedding and engagement photographer for the last 8 years, traveling worldwide to tell stories like yours. Every couple is different, so every session is created by finding out how you like to spend time together and focusing on that.

Think of your engagement sessions more like a date night, but this time you don’t have to plan it, I got you!

How soon after getting engaged should you take engagement pictures?

Some couples choose to take their engagement pictures shortly after getting engaged, while others prefer to wait until closer to their wedding date.  There is no specific timeline for when you should take engagement pictures after getting engaged. The average for my couples is about 3 months after getting engaged, but many choose to wait until their favorite season.

What month is best for engagement photos in Orlando?

The best time of the year for engagement pictures depends on the look your going for and how well you deal with the heat. I usually recommend between February and April because it tends be a bit cooler and the plants are in boom.

  • March: The weather in March is typically warm and sunny, making it a great time for outdoor photo shoots. The flowers may also be in bloom, providing a colorful backdrop for your photos.
  • April: April is also a good time for engagement pictures in Orlando, as the weather is generally mild and the flowers may still be in bloom.
  • May: May can be a great time. The weather is usually warm and sunny, and the humidity is not too high yet.
  • October: October is also great because the weather is generally mild and there are usually fewer tourists in the area. The fall foliage at local parks and gardens is beautiful as well!


Your wedding day only happens once, save those moments for a lifetime. 

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As an engagement photographer in Orlando, I know what it takes to create a session worth remembering with photographs you’ll love.