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Let’s be honest, there are a few wedding traditions to skip if you are looking. The best part about getting married is that you get to make the entire day unique for you and your partner. Maybe that means keeping all the traditions, or maybe it means making something entirely new. This list is for the brides and grooms out there that want to skip some wedding traditions in favor of replacing them with cool wedding traditions that are more in line with their values. Some of these traditions you may love, and some you may agree with skipping but either way there is no judgment. Your wedding day after all is your wedding day.

Overrated or skippable wedding traditions

The garter & bouquet toss. Sometimes this is a really fun part of the evening, sometimes it’s an awkward wedding tradition that pulls you out from the dance floor. I have also heard some guests don’t love this because they don’t want to be singled out for not bringing a date.

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Don’t worry about awkward poses or feeling weird in front of a camera.
No pressure in the moment photography for laid back couples.

Traditional wedding cakes. The wedding cake is a wedding tradition that may feel like a must but actually can be super expensive and not even fit some couple’s tastes. Maybe pie or a gelato cart is more your style, there’s nothing saying you have to get a crazy cake. I actually have found that the fancier the cake looks, the worse it tastes. (Also I’m just not a cake guy. 🤷🏻)

Flower girls & and ring bearers. Sometimes there isn’t a kid in the family/friend group you want to use, maybe you’re having a kid-free wedding. It’s totally fine, you do not need to feel bad skipping or changing this wedding tradition. Currently, flower dudes that jam out down the aisle while dropping flowers are trending because it’s hilarious. There is no right or wrong here.

Table shots. When you get to the reception, you should be able to do whatever you want. Table shots is where you go to each table say hello and take a photo with each table. It can eat up a lot of time and even be tiring if you have a ton of tables. If you just want to have fun and party with your friends and family, it leaves a lot more open time on your wedding day. Instead have a photo booth with fun props that will have these photos instantly posted. Alternatively, you could make this a game and try and finish photos at every table before the end of the mission impossible theme song.

Traditional ceremonies. Get married at a beach, have an ordained friend marry you, do a nighttime ceremony, or do something unique that you’ll always remember. It’s totally your call on how to become a family. Nighttime ceremonies I think are great specifically because they are typically done outdoors and this avoids the occasional squinting issue the sun can create in the afternoon.

Standard wedding dresses. This is your wedding, your dress, and your and your partner’s day. If you want a black wedding dress, a dress with pockets, or even just to grab something awesome you found on Etsy that doesn’t financially ruin your chances of going to Aruba… Do what makes you happy!

Favors for guests. Drunk people forget stuff, and to be honest this is just a great thing you can skip to save some cash to put in the honeymoon or other parts of your wedding day. This is the easiest “no one will miss it” item on this list, seriously no one is going to be upset with you for missing favors.

Bonus: Long speeches.
Speeches can be way too long, not just for the guests but you too. I have seen speeches go over 20 minutes for one person, and even the bride was yawning about 10 minutes into it. You can skip speeches entirely and get right to having fun, set a time limit for limited speakers, or just do one thank you speech yourselves. There’s no right or wrong here!

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What wedding traditions do you think are must haves? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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