Planning any proposal can be a challenge, but here are a few ideas for Orlando proposals that will make it feel like a breeze. Below you’ll find places to propose in Orlando, proposal ideas, and some quick tips on making sure the moment is just right. 

A proposal is once in a lifetime, don’t spend your life regretting missing photos of it.

A proposal is once in a lifetime, don’t spend the rest of your life regretting missing photos of it.

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Orlando Proposal Ideas

  1. Remind of them of how it all began – at the place you had your first date.

    Take your partner to the place you had your first date. Even if it’s just a coffee shop, chances are the sentimental connection will mean more than the location itself. Share what you remember most from your first date,  talk about what they wore and how you felt(if you remember) and go above and beyond to make the experience as special as can be. Then, surprise them with the question.

  2. Propose on a Private Plane at a local Hanger

    Find your inner Casablanca! Going to a local hangar (smaller airports) and renting out a plane for a quick surprise isn’t all that hard. If you have a love for aviation and want an incredible backdrop, you can’t be much more unique than a plan. You can have a florist bring some flowers, maybe a sign, and pop the question right in front of the plane!

  3. Go to a local Aquarium

    Proposing in an aquarium is a great way to ask! A photographer in hiding doesn’t seem out of place, and you can usually find a nice quiet picturesque location inside without too many people around.

  4. Disney Fireworks Cruise

    Fireworks are just classically romantic, and luckily you don’t have to wait until the Fourth of July to see them if you live in Orlando. You can do a Disney World proposal under the fireworks. The parks are a bit packed for a proposal at firework time though. I would recommend chartering a private cruise and watching fireworks with your partner. As of right now, the cost for this begins at $399 and you can book that directly through Disney.
  1. Fill a room with prints of you and your partner.

    Get prints of photos of the two of you throughout your relationship. Pick a room in your home (or even a hotel room) and hang the photos up all around. You’ll be surrounded by some of the greatest memories of your time together while asking one of the most important questions of your life.

  2. Surprise them with a dream trip.

    Pack a bag for the both of you, pick your partner up for work, and take them out to dinner at a local romantic restaurant. As dinner ends, place two plane tickets to their dream destination on the table. Tell them the bags are packed and in the car, you took care of everything except for one more thing, get down on one knee and ask! You could also save the question for the destination, but that is all up to you.

Camera shy? A session should make you feel like you’re on a date, not a photoshoot with your partner.

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5 Best Places to Propose in Orlando

Though not a full list of all the available places to propose in Orlando, this small collection of favorites is sure to wow your partner. 

Portofino Bay at Universal

This universal resort has a classic Italian theme and is one of the prettiest resorts available on Universal property. If proposing in Universal is too crowded for you, this space is huge and has many options fit for your proposal in Orlando.

Address: 5601 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL

Downtown Winter Park

A downtown classic! This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Orlando. With vines and classic architecture all around, you’ll find plenty of places to pop the question in Winter Park. 

Address: 110 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 

The Acre

The Acre is a rustic, one-acre urban garden and wedding venue. This spot is located in Orlano’s historic and charming College Park Neighborhood. This is a private space though, and you need to ask permission from the owners to propose or have an engagement session here. 

Address: 4421 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL

Disney’s BoardWalk

Conveniently located right next to Epcot, this boardwalk-themed resort makes the perfect backdrop for proposals. You can go on a walk together or stop by for ice cream on the pier and have your proposal covered by a photographer nearby without your partner being any the wiser the moment is coming. 

Address: 2101 Epcot Resorts Blvd, Lake Buena Vista, FL

SEAlife Orlando

I’m a huge fan of aquariums for proposals. The lighting is interesting, the sea life makes for an incredible backdrop, and there’s a possibility a dolphin makes it in the background of your proposal photos.

Address: 8449 International Dr, Orlando, FL

Bonus: Tom Fruin’s Glass House

This illuminated stained glass house in Orlando is stunning, and you can find it right in Lake Nona. This will make an incredibly romantic and memorable backdrop to your proposal.

Address: 13615 Sachs Avenue, Orlando, FL 

Bonus: 1010 West

This Orlando wedding venue is a unique one, it’s in an airplane hangar! This space can be uniquely decorated to fit your proposal needs and is also very private. 

Address: 1010 W Church St, Orlando, FL

What if your friends with a cell phone miss the shot? I know I won’t.

Frequently asked questions about marriage proposals:

What’s the most romantic way to propose?

There’s no proposal that works for everyone because every person, and every couple, is different. What’s considered romantic for one person may not be considered romantic for another. To ensure that a proposal is perfect for you, the best thing you can do is put a lot of thought into it and go above and beyond to show your partner how much you care about them.

What do I say while proposing?

Be original! There’s no set script for proposals. The most important thing is that you say what you mean, and it’s from the heart. Chances are, your partner picked you for a reason. Following that logic, they most likely want you to be yourself during the proposal, not recite a handful of lines you found online. Though quoting a movie would be kind of funny, it’s not recommended. 

How do you record a proposal?

I highly recommend at least having a photographer there. Ideally, you’re only going to do this once, and those photos will save the memory for a lifetime. Hiring a proposal photographer is fairly easy. Most photographers are willing to set up your phone on a tripod and record that as well if hiring a videographer is out of budget. If you’re by yourself in a private space, consider setting up a hidden camera ahead of time (your phone is fine). If you’re in a public space, be sure to hire a professional photographer or videographer to capture the moment.

Have peace of mind knowing your once-in-a-lifetime moments won’t be missed.

Speaking of Orlando Proposal Photographers…

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I’ve photographed a number of proposals over the years and even planned a few! I know how to hide, and if you’re stuck on how to propose I am full of ideas. Getting to tell the beginning of your story is always a pleasure. You’ll never regret having photos of that once-in-a-lifetime moment.


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