A Wedding at The Brick in South Bend

May 20, 2021

There isn’t much better than a wedding at The Brick in South Bend. Its one of my favorite industrial loft Indiana wedding venues. Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for the steel and brick look. This was a styled wedding, but not in the traditional sense. Allison at Unveiled Weddings & Events reached out to me about Serena and James who like many others in 2020 just weren’t ecstatic about how their day originally went. We thought that rather than doing a traditional styled shoot we should try and honestly recreate what we could from their wedding day but put the luxury experience our incredible vendor team provides to every couple to be a part of it. Allison and I brainstormed and thought that creating a modern day art deco wedding at The Brick in South Bend would be super unique.

I live by this very basic rule: If you have the ability to do something good for someone, do it. Serena + James may have had a whole different wedding originally, with a whole different vendor team but we were going to treat this like it was a real wedding. In her original wedding photographs, Serena didn’t feel as beautiful as she is, and James didn’t feel as comfortable as he should. So these incredible vendors and I, used our talents to give back what we could and give these two something really special. I really wish you could have seen the excitement in Serena’s eyes when she looked through these for the first time and held the prints… It’s the ability to give back that makes this career so damn rewarding.

The Brick Wedding Photography

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Wedding Vendors at The Brick

About the South Bend wedding venue: The Brick

There isn’t much better than a wedding at the Brick. The Brick is by far one of the best South Bend Wedding venues. Its a large very unique space with a really interesting loft located right next to the St. Joseph river in South Bend Indiana. There are plenty of hotels nearby for guests who travel in for the wedding and for those guests needing a place to sleep after the wedding reception. Stunning in its simplistic aesthetic, with brick exterior and interior, loft ceilings, and exposed lighting, you have a blank canvas to create your very own vision. 


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