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So you’ve gotten engaged, and you know you want to get married in Orlando – the next step is to choose the wedding date so you can start booking your wedding vendors. After all, you can’t really book anything without a set date, and you want to avoid extreme heat or rain if at all possible. Hint: it is not now nor will it ever be August – that is peak heat for Florida.

I’m a wedding photographer, and below is a list of tips for choosing your wedding date.

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Peak wedding season in Orlando

Peak-wedding season in Orlando is October, November, and March.

This typically means your most important vendors are booked well in advance, and the weather is also often the nicest. Since this is the busiest time of the year for most vendors, your key wedding vendors like your Orlando wedding photographer, DJ, caterer, and venue could be booked up to 15 months in advance.

If you are determined to get married during peak wedding season in Orlando or anywhere in Florida, you’ll need to plan in advance in order to get the best wedding vendors in the area. It is a very hectic time of year and the dates book very quickly.

Peak wedding season alternatives

Saturdays are always going to be the first date to go, especially in peak-wedding season. Sundays can be popular as well. Something most people aren’t aware of is that you can absolutely have your wedding on a weekday.

Your friends and family will adjust their schedules, and if you’re worried about a high guest count a weekday wedding can be a way to narrow it down. Some vendors may have a mid-week discount – though I wouldn’t count on that because for many vendors it’s still the same amount of work. Never hurts to ask though!

Off-peak Wedding Season in Orlando

Off-peak wedding season in Florida is June, July, and August.

If you have ever visited any of Orlando’s wonderful theme parks in the summer, you know exactly why off-peak wedding season in Florida is these summer months. Robin Williams said it best in the movie Good Morning, Vietnam! “It’s hot! Damn hot! Real hot!”

Additionally, the humidity is very high, and the potential for thunderstorms, hurricanes or rain is higher in general. That said – there are benefits to off-season weddings. The top wedding vendors may have availability for you even if you are planning it very last minute. You might even find some venues have lower prices in the off-season. If you do decide that an off-peak wedding in Florida is for you, you will need an all-indoor wedding venue with space for the ceremony and reception. If you try to risk it with an outdoor venue, you will be hot and miserable and massive sweat stains are not easy to remove in photographs.

When to Get Married on the Beach

If a beach wedding is your dream, then you want to get married in November-December for the best weather.

You’ll have lower humidity, and fewer tourists and accommodations for your guests are usually a little cheaper. January to February can also be a great time for a beach wedding depending on where in Florida you have it. During those months, the temperature can be in the 50s and 60’s but the beaches are quiet because the tourists are snow-bound up north, the holidays are over, and Spring Break hasn’t kicked in yet – you’ll have that white sand beach all to yourself.

Here is my list of tips for when to get married in Florida

  • The best months to get married in Orlando are October, November, and March.
  • Book your vendors 12-15 months in advance if possible.
  • You can try a Sunday or Weekday wedding to get vendors in peak season.
  • Off-peak wedding season in Florida is June, July, and August.
  • Beach weddings are best in November-December

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