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Authentic, bold & exciting memories

for laid back couples who value being in the moment.

Most wedding photographs are boring, but they don’t have to be.

Your wedding photographs should be filled with the laughter, smiles, and real emotions of the day. You know, the kind of stuff that takes you back into the wedding day.

My photography style is different – I focus on active, authentic interaction and powerful storytelling. I will be with you, making you laugh when you need it and telling your story as its happening.

This is officially the time to be yourselves, embrace the laughs and chase the sunset.
I’ll be there to catch every laugh, every smile, and all the moments you want to relive over and over.

A little about me.

The music at reception is playing, one of the groomsman is wearing his tie like a hat, theres confetti in the air and the bride and groom are in the middle of the chaos looking into each others eyes. They made it, even with chaos surrounding them they are connected and at peace. it’s the moment they’ve waited for since the proposal.

Moments like that are what drive me – the ones where two people can just be and enjoy the chaos because they have each other. Sometimes its the first look, sometimes it’s after the ceremony or at the reception.

As a photographer, I get to capture all the moments and bring them home. That authentic moment, the wonder & awe, the story of two people being themselves. That is what I love photographing.

When I am your wedding photographer, you will not have to worry about your photographs. You can be yourselves, embrace what you love, and celebrate the way you want to.

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A unique intimate wedding at the Sarasota Modern hotel located in the middle of downtown Sarasota. Gabriela and Dylan had the wedding of their dreams. The venue provided a beautiful backdrop to their wedding day with its Floridian greenery, rooftop views, and incredible location.

dress hanging in reception area at the Sarasota Modern
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As a wedding photographer in Tampa, I’m committed to doing my best to improving the wedding industry as well as each and every couple’s experience as plan their wedding day! So, I regularly post content created to do just that!

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Find out what I do differently as photographer.

Authentic, candid, bold photography.

As a photographer, I believe in authentic storytelling. Really that just means I do not want you to hold back. This is the time in your life where you embrace the inside jokes, celebrate yourselves, and be present in the moment. My goal is to create wonder & awe in your photographs without pulling you out of the experience of your wedding day. My wedding photographs are authentic with a bold cinematic editing style. Your wedding photographs wont be filled awkward posed boring photographs. They’ll be filled with actual smiles, natural candid moments, and an experience that makes you want to do it again.

When I am your Sarasota wedding photographer, you will not have to worry about your photographs. You can be yourselves, embrace what you love, and celebrate the way you want to.


As your wedding photographer in sarasota, Fl you can rely on me to capture the awe-inspiring and fiercely authentic moments between you and your partner, without sacrificing the experience of your wedding day. I will tell your story through bold and exciting photography filled with raw emotion and bring your memories back home to you. When I am your photographer, all you need to do is be yourselves.

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