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It’s a popular question: Do you tip your wedding photographer? I’m a wedding photographer and I’m here to tell you it’s entirely unnecessary and definitely not required. Wedding photography is a personalized catered service, a lot like serving tables. If they do a good job, you may feel inclined to tip your wedding photographer but leaving a review or buying wall art from them for your home is just as much a compliment if not better. I am absolutely grateful to the clients that have and don’t have the policy to refuse tips but in my opinion, there are just better ways for you to thank your photographer without dipping into your honeymoon savings or wall art budget.

Alternatives to tipping your wedding photographer:

Leave a Review

bring home


Don’t worry about awkward poses or feeling weird in front of a camera.
No pressure in the moment photography for laid back couples.

If there is one thing wedding photographers cannot get enough of its reviews. They help show authenticity to prospective clients, can improve a website’s ranking (Google), and tell your photographer that you legitimately loved having them. Encouraging your bridesmaids & groomsmen to leave them is also helpful!

Protip: Be informal with your reviews “Roy was AMAZING, the day was so much fun with him around.” this is way better than ” Roy Serafin Photo Co. was excellent and all of our photographs were good” because option two sounds fake.

Refer your engaged friends

If you loved having your photographer so much that you send your friends for the same thing, then that wedding photographer knows he or she did an incredible job. Plus now they have another couple to help!

Video Testimonials

If reviews by themselves boost a photographer’s authenticity and business, a video testimonial is like a steroid shot. Being to see your faces and hear you say what you thought about the experience adds a real human connection to the words.

Invest in your album or wall art instead

There is almost a no better way to prove you love your photographs than to invest in having physical printed copies of them through your photographer. We love to decorate your homes and wedding albums as much as you do. Knowing that you’ll have that wedding album to look at for years (mine last over 100 years!) is like getting to be the family historian and allows the photographer to be even more connected with you.

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